We're uniting students from across rural Victoria


Rural Inspire is a platform for young people, powered by a team of passionate young people from across rural and remote Victoria. 

From our own personal experiences, we know young people in rural Victoria need better access to opportunities, information, and networks, in order to achieve their dreams.

We want to make young people across Rural Victoria better connected, and better informed. 

Rural Inspire is also here to show us what rural people have achieved; it's a celebration of the stories and success of people who have rural roots.

It's a reminder that growing up in a rural place is not a burden; it's a catalyst for collaboration and new thinking. 

Let's celebrate together! 

Rural Inspire is an initiative driven by the Country Education Partnership (CEP) and its Rural Youth Ambassadors. 

Not only have I personally strived to improve my own community, but I now have an ignited passion to bring everyone’s attention to bettering rural and remote Victoria education together.
— Joe Collins, Tyrrell College, Sea Lake
Joining the Rural Youth Ambassador program was one of the best experiences of my life, I learnt about all the problems that were faced all around Victoria and to be given the chance to influence the future education was amazing!
— Zac Arnup, Warracknabeal College
My time as a rural youth ambassador challenged me to put myself out of my comfort zone and to have higher expectations of what I am capable of. It has made helped m we grow greatly as a person.
— Stephanie Cleland, Tallangatta Secondary College
This experience has made me more engaged in my education and realise that I can make a difference. I can be at the forefront of my experience and journey. I am in a position to voice my opinions and experience things that others may not feel confident doing or saying.
— Bass Quilliam, Lea High School
Rural youth ambassadors has been an amazing experience filled with so many different opportunities. It has made me change the way I think. I’ll never forget it!
— Alice Whitford, Marian College
I came out of this program inspired by the people I had met, and motivated to reach for more. My life has changed for the better as a result.
— Rose Vallance, Ouyen P-12 College