Getting Ready: Rural Youth Ambassador Program

By Lauren Cain


Hi everyone! Earlier this year I began working with CEP and the 2015-16 group of Rural Youth Ambassadors. I’m very excited for this opportunity, as the Rural Youth Ambassadors have always been close to my heart – I was one in 2011!

The Rural Youth Ambassador Program aims to give rural students the chance to step up and tell the stories of their communities. It allows them to address both the positives and the negatives of living in a rural area, to discuss these issues with like-minded peers, and to work together to improve education in rural areas.

We want every young person living in a rural area to know that they have a voice, they have been heard and that they can make a difference.

 I’m really excited about the upcoming Rural Youth Ambassador forum in July! I’m looking forward to meeting the new group of ambassadors and to hearing their stories. I hope to aid them in coming up with a project that will eventually improve their schools. Throughout the program, we also want to help the ambassadors improve their leadership skills through public speaking, presentations, and leading group discussions.

Coming to Melbourne and spending three days with strangers is a daunting concept for many, and it’s a big step that must be taken by the ambassadors. However, every year, with each & every group, life long friendships are formed, and lives are changed. 

THAT is how powerful the program can be, and it is one of the reasons why I’m so passionate about it.

If you get the chance to apply to the Rural Youth Ambassador Program: do it. I'll be there, looking hopefully towards what the rest of the year holds.