Jo Cartwright: "Year 12 for Me has Been ..."



Jo Cartwright

Year 12 student @ Loddon P-12

Dingee, Central Victoria

People ALWAYS say that Year 12 is SO stressful ...

In fact, I've had so many people tell me that it would be the worst year of my life.

That's a bit dramatic.

And I can honestly say I haven't found that to be the case.

In Year 12, I haven't been as stressed-out as I thought I would be.

I mean, you have to expect that it will be a challenging year -- of course it has to be harder than the years before it, that's a logical assumption.

But knowing this, and knowing what people had said about the year, made me focus on being organised so I wouldn't be rushing to do everything at the last minute.


In hindsight ...

I think completing Unit 3+4 Health and Human Development in Year 11 really helped to prepare me for the demands of Year 12.

Likewise, taking on more responsibility, such as being School Captain, has helped me to manage my time better, too.

As a rule...

I've tried to have a fair balance of social life and school life; if my friends have wanted to do something, I've made sure I can do it but I've also made sure I'm on top of my subjects.

Outside of study, I still attend my calisthenics class -- I guess you could say prioritising these things has helped me stay sane!

And by staying involved in calisthenics and making time for my friends, I think it has definitely helped me through the tougher times at school when things have been a bit hectic.


I think being in a rural area ...

Definitely makes it harder sometimes. It's tricky to access study lectures or other free VCE events in Melbourne and we spend a lot of time travelling to get anywhere. That can make school hard, especially when you know kids in the city have virtually everything at their fingertips.

At the same time though, I think my rural education is more personal; my teachers know and understand me and how I learn best.

It makes life a lot easier knowing that my school and wider community know me, care about me and support me.

My school is ...

There are 15 Year 12s at my school -- I've known most of them since kindergarten. We've shared most of our lives together and this year we have only grown closer.

We've been able to share the ups and downs of Year 12 and that has definitely made the year easier.

So, what can I say?

Year 12 for me...

Hasn't been the worst year of my life so far ... It might even be one of the best!