Lauren Cain: Student and Environmentalist

Lauren Cain grew up in South Gippsland on a beef farm in an area called Mirboo. She attended her whole schooling in the nearby town of Mirboo North.

Lauren has completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne. She is now taking a gap year, and earning some money before –fingers crossed – she can travel at the end of the year.

She is interested in the environment, and, in particular, land conservation & the protection of endangered species.

What does the future hold?

My ideal job would be as a park ranger or working in a zoo as a keeper or handler.

I’m going to complete my Masters degree, although I haven’t decided on what! I’m also going to learn some practical skills and do some volunteering so that I have contacts in the industry.

I was inspired by the farm I grew up on; it’s where my love of nature and the outdoors comes from. Throughout my life I have spent a lot of time at Wilson’s Promontory National Park, which I feel has inspired me to be a park ranger.

Reflections on growing up in Mirboo:

One of the best things about going to my school was the close relationship we had with our teachers. All the teachers knew our names and our families. They cared not only about our education, but about our well-being too. Whenever something happens in the community, it really bands together to support each other.

The challenges faced at my school were a lack of access to a wider range of subjects. We only had the basic subjects available to us, so some kids went through distance education. They were forced to do this, even though we were advised against it.

My advice would be to persevere through it and do the best you can. Find your own extra sources of information; be innovative! If you’re looking to go to university, just do the subjects you need [if you go to a small high school], because once you’re at university you can pick anything you like.

Don’t let yourself be limited by where you live – it’s only a short period of your life. There is so much time and so many opportunities, so keep positive!

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