Rural Inspire will improve the outcomes of rural education for young Victorians.


Rural Inspire drives support and information, inspirational connections, urban links and pathway-networks.

WE FUNDAMENTALLY believe in the resilience and brilliance of all young people, and the doors that can open with enhanced aspirations.

We assert that all young Australians should be afforded quality learning opportunities -- no matter their isolation, no matter their postcode.

At Rural Inspire, we are driven to help mould confident and informed young people who are mobilised toward realising their dreams and who are prepared to pave their paths to success.  

We Will:

  • Provide an interactive website for rural and remote young people, offering a 'gateway' to information and initiatives to foster aspirations;

  • Inspire through example: connecting today's rural youth with rural successful people, through shared stories, case studies, guest presentations, mentoring, workshops, work experience and possible employment;

  • Enhance the knowledge of rural and remote young people, by supporting links between country and urban education settings;

  • Enhance aspirations among rural and remote students in upper-primary school, by offering leadership opportunities to help achieve their dreams;

  • Provide a state-wide and area voice on education provision through the Rural Youth Ambassador program;

  • Facilitate a network of Rural Youth Ambassador Alumni who will provide information, support and activities for country kids looking to gain a greater understanding of the higher education and career opportunities available to them.



  • A platform reminding rural young people that with dedication they can achieve.

  • A platform exposing young people to new ideas and creative self-belief.

  • To spark inspiration and bring people together.

  • To get people thinking and to get people acting.

  • To see an improvement in the outcomes of rural education at all levels and across all sectors.